"Fuck love It’s overated."

* Cover by : 96 *

We’ve been wake and baking to Myth Syzer remixes lately. First the Work Hard dub and now Female Welcomed. If you know Dip Flair, you know he loves adlibbing over trippy music. 

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.facebook.com/felixfrickinblack/app_220150904689418

Produced by @yum0 



Vampsterdam / June 10th / Nacho Picasso x Avatar Darko / I’m so fucked up listening to this, need to cop this when it drops.

"This morning we had the urge to release some more dope shit, just this time its not on Ghost in the Shell. This actually didn’t make the cut, but not because of its contents but because we didn’t want to cram the mix tape with SLAPPERS. so enjoy another millz produced banger "Man Down""

-Azizi Gibson 

Hodgy Beats: Years

Untitled 2 / SATURYDAAAY / June 1st


MellowHigh / Troublesome 2013

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